Friday, December 12, 2014

Fedora 21... just WOW!!

Really quick note to let you all know that Fedora 21 absolutely rocks!!... GNOME 3.14 is better than ever, slick-looking, fast and more intuitive than ever (even if there are some quirks which still need fixing, like the notification bar...).

This thing is FAST. The work that Fedora next has put in place to create a common core and then build on that with specific components for each branch is great. The desktop reacts almost instantaneously to everything, and even animations feel snappy and smooth.

The KDE Plasma desktop is slowly coming together and looks promising, but until it becomes a solid reality, GNOME is the king of Linux desktop managers, and Fedora the speeding track it flies upon!

Download and install!!!

1 comment:

  1. It's amazing, do you know any utilities for fedora (especially FC21) to install graphics drivers. I've got Vostro 3446 and can't find to have it work effortlessly, the CPU utilization is the problem for me when it comes to graphics. I've dual graphics, NVIDIA and Intel (onboard), looks like none of them is getting utilized, entire load is going to CPU.